2006年、東京にて結成。 ドラム、ベース、2本のギターによって構成されるインストゥルメンタルロックバンド。 これまでにアジア、アメリカ、ヨーロッパでツアーを敢行する等、日本国内にとどまらず活動の場を海外まで広げている。
Norikazu Chiba – Guitar
Yu Tokuda – Drums
Yosuke Jinnouchi – Guitar
Shin-ichi Tahara – Bass

OVUM are a four-piece instrumental rock band originating from Tokyo, Japan. Since forming in 2006, they have performed over 200 gigs, both nationally and internationally.
New inspiration gained during their 2014 European tour spurred OVUM to radically change their musical direction. This development saw the band take on a more expressive style of playing defined by the members as “metal-oriented instrumental rock,” with a heavier and more aggressive approach built onto their core sound.